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"I would love to live like a river flows carried by the surprise of its own unfolding"
-John O'Donohue-

My name is Claire, and I am the founder of ohRiverwood.


ohRiverWood began with my love of the Ohio River. Time after time I found myself wandering the shoreline whenever I needed a breather. On those long walks, I would pick up interesting finds. As you can imagine, I amassed a collection pretty quickly!  


I've found great joy in reclaiming local wood, and proving that, yes,  the Ohio River is a powerful and beautiful resource. ​I love being able to bring my experience with nature and the river to others through my work. It is one of the things I am passionate about. I'm also obsessed with fonts, my cat, my pup & my chickens,  a good drink, as well as making people laugh. You can find remnants of that sneaking into my work. I never make something that I wouldn't use myself!


Check us out at local markets or follow me on Instagram @ohriverwood to see where the river takes me.


If you have any question, please, do not hesitate to ask!  

I love swapping good stories and adventures. So, stop by and say hi!

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